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Ōgon Bat
Ogon Batto Kamishibai

Real Name


First Appearance

kamishibai (paper theater) (1931)

Created by

Takeo Nagamatsu


Ōgon Bat made his debut in a kamishibai, a traveling show in which a sequence of pictures is narrated by a storyteller. The character was popular enough to survive the decline of kamishibai following World War II and was eventually translated into manga and anime form.

Character description

Ōgon Bat has a golden, skull-shaped head, wears a green and white costume with a high-collared red cape and carries a rapier. He lives in a fortress in the Japanese Alps and his superpowers include superhuman strength, invulnerability and the ability to fly.


  • Only the original depiction of the character is public domain in Japan. Any television appearances or films are still protected by their respective copyright owners.
  • Ōgon Bat is considered to be the first Japanese superhero.
  • Not only is Ōgon Bat possibly Japan's first superhero, Ōgon also predates both Superman (1938) and Batman (1939).
  • Originally debuted in kamishibai (paper theater).

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