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Agatha Detective Agency

Real Name

Grace and Agatha Adams

First Appearance

Startling Comics vol. 3 #1 [7] (May, 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Kin Platt

Golden Age Origin

The Agatha Detective Agency was run by Grace Adams and sponsored by her wealthy spinster aunt, Agatha. The agency was formed after Grace and Captain Future helped rescue Agatha when she was kidnapped. Together Grace and Agatha worked to track down criminals, and relied on the muscle of Captain Future to bring the criminals to justice. Grace dated the captain's alter ego, Dr. Andrew Bryant, but was far more impressed by the powerful and dashing Captain. Eventually, Agatha retired from the agency to help in the war effort, but Grace carried on. Grace and Agatha were both good detectives and scrappy fighters. Agatha often used her umbrella as a weapon.

Golden Age Appearances

Startling Comics #7-18

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