Real Name


First Appearance

National Comics #13 (1941)

Original Publisher

Quality Comics

Created by

Lance Blackwood


Agor was a huge spiderlike creature that resides in the temple of the man eating spider in the Himalaya mountains. The creature had its web over an abyss near a balcony to the temple. The bottom of the abyss had a deep well containing a giant octopus. Agor came into contact with Merlin the Magician when he came in search of the giant diamond on the forehead of the Khotan Buddha statue in the temple. Caught in the spiders web Merlin used magic to transform into a huge "Mickey Finn" which the spider (which has been said to more greatly resemble a crab) partly ingests, becoming intoxicated and falling into the well with the octopus.*

  • This was evidently "inspired" by a scene from the Korda Brothers classic film "Thief of Baghdad" (1940) starring Sabu

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • National Comics #13

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