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Al Addin
Al addin

Real Name

Al Addin

First Appearance

Cat-Man Comics #v1 #12 (7) (1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Saul Rosen

Golden Age Origin

Al Addin was a young comic book fan who gained the ability to travel through time and space when he accidentally knocked over an old hour-glass which housed a genie. The hour-glass was given to him by a gentlemen who was being harassed by kids who gave the object to Al as thanks.

Using his time-travelling powers, Al visited historical figures such as old Araby and Cleopatra, among others. He would return to the present after all the sand in the hour-glass would run out.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Cat-Man Comics #v1 #12 (7)
  • Captain Aero Comics v1 #10-12, #v2 #1

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