American Eagle
American Eagle 01
Cover of Issue #53

Real Name

Capt. Fort

First Appearance

Fightin' Air Force #50 (August, 1965)

Original Publisher


Created by

Charles Nicholas and Vince Alascia

Silver Age Origin

American Eagle's plane

American Eagle's Plane

Captain Fort, a.k.a. The American Eagle, was an air-force officer who fought in World War II against both the Japanese and the Nazis with assistance from his crew the Eagles. The Eagles were Reb Folsom, Hotrock Hutchins, and Ugly Harrison Clymes. Their commanding officer was Col. "Hardnose" Cole. Both American Eagle and his assistants flew P-51 Mustangs. The group fought enemies such as the Flaming Sabre of Hitler and the Tokyo Tomahawks.

Silver Age Appearances

  • Fightin' Air Force #50-53


  • Like many Charlton Characters such as Tyro Team, Shape, and Spookman, American Eagle is in the public domain thanks to a lack of a proper copyright notice. This is because any work published without a proper copyright notice between 1923 and 1977 are in the public domain.

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