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Real name

Cameron DeLeon


Sound manipulation

First Appearance

Copper Knights and Granite Men (2014)

Created by

Mike DiBaggio & Shell 'Presto' DiBaggio


Did you ever think that you'd be better able to handle life's ups and downs with good background music? That a suitably inspiring soundtrack would let you overcome any obstacle? The Challenger Foundation did, and an independent analysis of their operations when accompanied by Amp–the Sonic Magician, the Ace of Acoustics, the Human Symphony–seems to bare that out.

Amp's talent is to psionically generate and control sound. He can manipulate vibrations in the air and other fluids with a subtlety heretofore unseen, able to generate sounds below the threshold of human hearing like a blaring dog-whistle to the countryside-filling roar of a rushing freight train, or the haunting strains of a virtuoso violinist in between. His abilities to mimic and throw voices and dampen existing sounds have confounded many enemies.

But adventuring with the Challenger Foundation is not usually Amp's idea of a good time. He's an accomplished musician even without his powers, an adept cellist and pianist as well as an electric bassist that has been invited to join some of the most popular acts of the day. He's also a wildly popular composer of classical and experimental music – some critics say that he may end up as the greatest who ever lived. And he's the musician your mom warned you about: a legendary womanizer and notorious partier whose drug and alcohol fueled benders that have gotten him a criminal record in a dozen countries and free cities. His flights from paparazzi and jealous former lovers, not to mention his spendthrift ways, usually drive him back to the Foundation for sanctuary and guidance, despite his repeated and public vows that he's getting out of the 'mask' business for good.


Amp is a character in the Ascension Epoch universe. He first appeared in the 2014 novelette Copper Knights and Granite Men.



Amp is a character in the open source Ascension Epoch universe, created by Michael DiBaggio and Shell 'Presto' DiBaggio. The Ascension Epoch is a shared universe for superhero and adventure fiction, built on the public domain. All elements are released under a Creative Commons licence, which states creator credit must be given and if you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.

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