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From Popular Comics #46

Real Name


First Appearance

Popular Comics #46 (Dec 1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

G. Ellerbock & William Kent

Golden Age Description

Antaclea was a planet located 3 million "light miles" away from the Solar system.[1] It was the home planet to Martan the Marvel Man and his wife, Vana. The planet was 25 times the size of Earth. A humanoid civilization existed there for at least 5,000 years. While Antacleans weren't originally much different from humans, their technology advanced to the point where war, crime and diseases were rendered obsolete. The technology also made Antacleans significantly more powerful than human beings, endowing them with great strength and flight. They developed technology that allowed them to receive and broadcast thoughts telepathically and create forcefields powerful enough to resist explosions. Their spaceships could travel hundreds of times faster than the speed of light. They had the technology that allowed them to study planets like Earth from the distance and intercept their broadcasts. But their most devastating weapons were electric ray guns, which were capable of reducing tons of steel into vapor in seconds.

1100 years prior to events of Popular Comics #46, in the year 3900 of the Antaclean calender, the Martians invaded Antaclea. While Antacleans ultimately repelled the invasion, the war left 9/10th of Antaclean population dead and reduced the surface of the planet to a smoking ruin. Martians took many of Antaclean cultural treasures (and anything else they found valuable) off-planet. Once Antacleans repaired the damage, they established a permanent forcefield around their planet, leaving open a few ports to let their spaceships in and out. If any hostile invader tried to sneak through those ports, the electric guns positioned the entrances would quickly obliterate them.


  1. If the author meant "light years," than it would put Antaclea outside Milky Way galaxy, somewhere in Andromeda Galaxy. It is unlikely that the author meant actual miles, since that would be smaller than the distance between the Earth and the Sun

Golden Age Appearance

Popular Comics #46

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