Anthony Rogers
From Amazing Stories (March 1929)

Real Name

Anthony Rogers

First Appearance

Amazing Stories (August 1928)

Original Publisher

Experimenter Publishing

Created by

Philip Francis Nowlan


Anthony Rogers was a 29 year old engineer for the American Radioactive Gas Corporation and WWI veteran who served in the Army Air Corps. While on the job, Rogers fell into a coma from a gas leak and awoke in the 25th century. He meets Wilma Deering and the intrepid Dr. Huer. Together with his new friends, he aids them in their struggles to rid the world of the Han.

Pulp Appearances

  • Armageddon 2419 A.D. -Amazing Stories (August 1928)
  • The Airlords of Han - Amazing Stories (March 1929)

Golden Age Appearances

  • Famous Funnies #4-5, 7-18, 20-26, 28-29, 31-33, 35, 40, 42-43, 47 (Eastern Color)
  • Famous Funnies #49-51, 54-60, 64, 68-69, 73-74,76-77, 85, 91, 100, 103-104, 109, 113 (Eastern Color)
  • Famous Funnies #135, 144, 147, 173, 181-182, 209, 211-212, 214-215, 217-218 (Eastern Color)
  • Vicks Comics #1-2 (Eastern Color)
  • Buck Rogers #1-6 (Eastern Color)
  • Buck Rogers #9, 100-101 (Toby)


  • Only the pulp version of Anthony Rogers is public domain all subsequent versions including nickname the "Buck" and the Buck Rogers comic strips, books, movies, and serials are NOT.
  • Also, only the original materials found in the Golden Age Comics starring Anthony "Buck" Rogers are public domain. Re-prints of the original comic strips or other material that originated from other media would still be under copyright.

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