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Real Name


First Appearance

Amazing Man Comics #5 (September, 1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Frank Thomas


Aquatania is a kingdom in the "Land Beneathe the Sea." It is located below the floor of the South Pacific Ocean near the Marquesas Islands. To the east lies the swamps of the frog-men and an access point to the ocean. To the west lies the great steam caverns inhabited by the Quadropels, who worship the steam god. Beyond the steam caverns is "Roara" a volcano, which looks like a great furnce and which supplies the light and heat of the Land Beneathe the Sea. The heat is excruciating from a close distance. The entire region is inhabited by pre-historic creatures, many of whom are amphibious. There are several species of intelligent humanoids as well, many of whom war with each other.

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