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King Arthur

Real Name

Arthur Pendragon

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Legend & Folklore

King Arthur is a legendary warrior and ruler of the British kingdom of Camelot. As a boy, he demonstrated his right to become the king by pulling the sword Durendal from a stone. Throughout his youth, he had many adventures, battling giants and other beasts. As a warrior king, he fought to bring justice and order back to his lands. He helped to establish peace and unity throughout England and established the idealic society of Camelot. There he sat at the round table with his brave and honorable knights. Some of his knights set out on a quest for the Holy Grail. Arthur married the lady Guinivere, was counseled by the sorcerer Merlin, and was eventually given the sword Excalibur, which made its wielder invincible. However, his invincibility did not last, as Camelot was torn apart by war. Arthur and his son (or nephew), Mordred, killed each other in a final battle. Arthur's body was cremated, but some stories taking place after his death, suggest that his spirit went on to reside in Fairyland, the home of the fairies.

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Atomic Comics #1: The story of King Arthur's origin and some of his interaction with Sir Lancelot.
  • Catholic Comics #5: The story of Arthur drawing the sword from the stone as a boy, and his battle with the Giant of St. Michale's Mount.
  • Star Comics #1-2, 6, 9: Arthur is entertained by a jester boy's tales.
  • Carnival Comics [#13]: Reprint of story from Star Comics #2
  • Thrilling Comics #5: The time traveling Ghost helps Arthur defend his kingdom from Morgan le Fay.
  • Thrilling Comics #36: The time traveling Ghost helps Arthur retrieve Excalibur from a traitorous knight.
  • Thrilling Comics #60: While King Arthur is ill, Sir Guy rules Camelot unjustly in his stead, until the time traveling Commando Cubs help Arthur regain his kingdom.
  • Boy Comics #4, 13: King Arthur is aided by the time traveling Yankee Longago.
  • Operation: Peril #3: King Arthur is aided against conspirators by the time traveling Tom Redfield.
  • Complete Book of Comics and Funnies #1: King Arthur meets the Silver Knight.
  • Jingle Jangle Comics #16: King Arthur commissions Bingo and Glum to retrieve Excalibur from Morgan le Fay.
  • Robin Hood #1-5, Adventures of Robin Hood #6-8: King Arthur knights Sir Gallant of Cornwall and experiences several adventures with him.
  • Robin Hood & His Merry Men #36: Arthur accepts a challenge to fight three knights simultaneously, but after being injured, he is replaced by Sir Lancelot.
  • Top Notch Comics #5-9: King Arthur knights Sir Galahad, and has a number of adventures with him.
  • Catholic Comics #5-10: Arthur's later years, interacting with Sir Galahad.
  • Jack-in-the-Box Comics #15: A retelling of Arthur's death at the hands of Sir Mordred.
  • Robin Hood & His Merry Men #29: A reprint of the story from Jack-in-the-Box Comics #15.
  • Super-Mystery Comics vol. 4 #6
  • Blue Bolt Comics vol. 1 #7: Sergeant Spook encounters Arthur's ghost.
  • Hit Comics #32: Kid Eternity summons both Plastic Man and King Arthur to save the legendary sword Excalibur from Merlin.
  • Kid Eternity #4: King Arthur and his knights summoned to the 20th century by Kid Eternity to fight an army of henchmen with swords.
  • Famous Funnies #142, 147: King Arthur's interactions with the knight, Sir Oaky Doaks.
  • A Treasury of Horses
  • Ribtickler
  • Everybody's Comics #1

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