Astro Falcons
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Free Universe Forums 2011

Created by

Dominic Bennetts


With their fleet made up mostly of cargo ships, manufacturing ships and other non-combatant designs, the people known as the Galaxians were desperate for weaponised platforms that could help them fight off the Star Robos, but were unable to afford anything to trade with the people of Earth. As a token of assistance and goodwill, the Terran Empire offered up the Excel Fighter Thunder Robo, a ceremonial Terran protector to the Galaxian fleet. With the Thunder Robo came its small maintenance crew, and its dedicated pilot, Raioh Kasuna. They were excited to be helping out the Galaxians, despite the fact that the Terran Empire had only passed them on as a goodwill exercise, and with the assistance of the Thunder Robo’s maintenance crew the Galaxians were able to take their five most combat-ready space superiority vessels and modify them with their own miniature Astro-Wave Flux Reactors. These five vessels became the Astro Falcons, each specialised for a different task, one for high speed intercepting and pursuit, one for heavy bombardment, one for precision attacks, one for stealth and scouting and the last for close range dogfighting. The Astro Falcons included:

Astro Falcon Alpha: Piloted by the strategic leader of the Falcon Squad, this fighter is a space superiority fighter, with excellent maneuvering and combat speed but low endurance and armor. Its weapons are rapid-fire laser machine guns and energizing blade-tipped wings, for close range dogfighting, as well as a pair of anti-fighter missiles. It features a high-speed booster that can operate for very short periods of time to allow for surprise blade attacks and the like.

Astro Falcon Beta: Piloted by the team's navigator and data analyst and the largest ofg the Astro Falcon fighters, Beta is a full-spectrum support craft, with excellent data collection and distribution skills. Used correctly, it can locate and lock on to even very fast or stealthy foes, and acts as the Falcons' coordination system. Though its sensory equipment is quite fragile for the most part it's quite well armoured, though it is also rather slow as it usually hangs back at the rear of an engagement to provide support. Its weapons include a limited rack of high-precision advanced penetrator missiles and a dual laser machine-gun turret.

Astro Falcon Gamma: Fulfilling the heavy bombardment role of the group, Gamma is a slow, unwieldy tank of a fighter, loaded up with twin multi-fire missile pods, as well as a variety of other missile types and amounts, for bombardment of larger and tougher targets, as well as a complement of smaller anti-fighter missiles, but packs only a single nose-mounted autocannon for non-explosive attack. It has a good single-target locking system, but in conjunction with Beta's SWACS it can target multiple targets at a time.

Astro Falcon Delta: The high speed combat unit of the Astro Falcons, Delta is intended to get in, strike and get out, and to act as an interceptor for destroying less maneuverable fighters and small targets like bombers. It has a high output engine, with a short-term sprint overbooster to push it to incredible speeds. Because it is such a fast fighter it sacrifices maneuverability at those high speeds, but is one of the more agile Falcons at lower speeds. Designed to be light and have mostly engine space, Delta is lightly armed with a single laser cannon and a pair of Kinetic Energy Missiles that can penetrate through armour and deal very precise strike damage.

Astro Falcon Epsilon: The last of the Astro Falcons, Epsilon is the stealth model fighter, designed with an invisibility cloak and kinetic projectile machineguns that can fire through the cloak. It has a broad-spectrum sensor dampening suite that can be activated aqt the cost of extra energy, and is a quiet- and cold-running model. The weapons are also silenced, though in space this tends to be a non-issue anyway. The fighter is able to hover in place and move at a slow pace with complete silence using magnetic vectoring rather than its ion engine. As a stealth fighter Epsilon is also able to close to melee combat range, and as such has a pneumatic mag-grapple/harpoon that it can use to reel in or hook to other objects.

Devil Traitor Neutron Falcon: Designed out of Demon Robo technology, the Neutron Falcon is a jack of all trades fighter, with a pair of light blaster cannons and a continuous fire pulse wave cannon installed in its nose. When utilising its own Demon Robo core the pulse wave cannon is not extraordinarily strong, designed primarily for sustained assault against a single spot on a target to gradually break through armor and thus not at all suited to anti-fighter roles. However, when using a Gattai Linkup to combine with an auxilliary energy source it can direct the energy through its own Energy Resonance System to power up the Pulse Wave Cannon by folds or even orders of magnitude. The main asset of the Neutron Falcon is its ability to Gattai Link with other Galaxian machines to enhance their own flow of power and provide some additional abilities with its modular upgrade system.

Additional Weapons

Aside from some regular laser machine guns each has a Power Laser and a Heavy/Support weapon, as below:

  • Alpha: Piercing Spiral Laser / Defender Modules / Jump Drive
  • Beta: Gravity Crusher Laser / Splitter Missiles / Energy Shield
  • Gamma: Expanding Ring Laser / Wave Blades / High Speed Overbooster
  • Delta: Perimeter Disc Laser / EMP Sphere / AWACS + Fire Targeting
  • Epsilon: Wave Motion Laser / Rotary Drill / Stealth Shield
  • Neutron: Homing Pulse Laser / Snare Harpoon / Energy Resonance System


Tha Astro Falcons are an open source team of characters created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use them any way you wish; author citations are not necessary.

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