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Atlantis is the most famous of the legendary sunken continent myths. Originating with the Greeks and first described by Plato around 376 BC, as an island nation with a powerful Navy that conquered much of Europe thousands of years before his own time, but sank into the ocean in a single tragic day.

Atlantis is usually depicted as the home of a culturally and technologically advanced society, that existed long before the dawn of civilized man, and was destroyed in a cataclysmic event. The people are often attributed with knowledge of great arcane magic or they are associated with a technologically advanced extra-terrestrial race.

The sunken continent is often depicted as an underwater home to the descendants of the original inhabitants and these individuals are often depicted as having adapted to breathe underwater (in some cases they live in great domed cities). In other stories, the inhabitants fled to a subterranean region where they continued to develop their advanced technology. In most accounts, there is a faction of inhabitants that have aspirations of conquering the surface world, usually led by a maniacal tyrant.

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Super Comics #2-5
  • Fantastic Comics #1
  • Feature Comics #32
  • Miracle Comics #4

    Atlantis being submerged beneath the ocean.

  • Cat-Man Comics #1
  • Jumbo Comics #30
  • Planet Comics #24
  • Blue Circle Comics #1-5
  • Dime Comics #1
  • Triple Threat Comics [#1]
  • Fight Comics #43
  • Cosmo Cat Comics #5
  • Operation: Peril #6
  • Jon Juan #1
  • Rangers Comics #63
  • Space Adventures #11
  • Real Life Comics #57
  • Amazing Man Comics #22 (as Atlantia)

Public Domain Fiction Literature

The Atlantis (1838) by Peter Prospero - Atlantean survivors create a Utopia in the Arctic.

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (1870) by Jules Verne - Captain Nemo and the crew of the Nautilus visit the sunken city of Atlantis.

L'Atlàntida (1877) by Jacint Verdaguer - A poem describing the adventures of Hercules, the sinking of Atlantis and the creation of the Mediterranean Sea.

Tales of Old Thule (1879) by J. Moyr. Smith - A viking from Thule travels to Atlantis.

Elf Island (1885) by Captain T. Preston Battersby - Includes a fairy tale about a visit to Atlantean ruins.

Around the World Underwater; or, The Wonderful Cruise of a Submarine Boat (in Frank Reade Library #40, June 24, 1893) - Frank Reade Jr. sees the ruins of Atlantis under the sea.

Zenia the Vestal or, The Problem of Vibrations (1893) by Margaret B. Peeke - Survivors of Atlantis form an ancient mystic order hiden in the Alps.

Visions of the Interior of the Earth (1894) by The Prince of Mantua & Montferrat - Atlantis survives as an underground kingdom.

The Crystal City Under the Sea (1896) by Paschal Grousset - Atlanteans survive in a bubble-city on the bottom of the sea.

A Queen of Atlantis: A Romance of the Caribbean Sea (1898) by Frank Atkins - Castaways discover a remnant of Atlantis in the Sargasso Sea.

A Mystery of the Pacific (1899) by William Henry Oliphant Smeaton - Atlanteans survive underground.

The Lost Continent: The Story of Atlantis (1899) by C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne - Supposedly written by the hero, it describes how Deucalion, a warrior-priest of ancient Atlantis, fought a heroic, but ultimately futile battle to save Atlantis from destruction by its avaricious and selfish queen, Phorenice.

The Queen and the Magicians & Other Stories (1900) - The title story is set in Atlantis and the related tale, "The Princess Vita," describes mer-people as Atlanteans who took on increasingly aquatic habits over a long period of time finally rebuilding their city in the sea.

Intermere (1901) by William Alexander Taylor - Atlantis survives as the subterranean nation of Intermere.

Our Story of Atlantis (1902) by W. P. Phelon - In a West Indian archipelago is an island with a secret entrance to Atlantis, though only relics & their history on tablets are found.

The Sunken Island; or, The Pirates of Atlantis (in The Union Jack Library #3, May 7, 1904) by Frank Atkins - Antlanteans and a primitive webfooted people discovered in the Sargasso Sea.

The Story of the Amulet (1906) by Edith Nesbit - The ninth chapter takes place in Atlantis, and describes its fall.

The Scarlet Empire (1906) by David Maclean Parry - John Walker saves Atlantean citizen No. 7891 OCD, aka Astraea, from the socialist "paradise" of the domed city of Atlantis, under the Atlantic Ocean.

A Child's Story of Atlantis (1908) by William Kingsland - A tale of Atlantean superscience which assumes Atlantis survived its cataclysm & thrives on the bottom of the sea.

The Divine Seal (1909) by Emma Louise Orcutt

In the Heart of the Silent Sea (1909) by R. H. Bolton: Atlanteans in the Sargasso Sea.

The Toll of the Sea (1909) by Roy Norton

Atlantis (1912) by Gerhart Hauptman - An ocean liner sinks and ends up in Atlantis.

The Sorcery Club (1912) by Elliott O'Donnell

Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar (1918) by Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan travels to Opar, a colony of Atlantis.

L'Atlantide (1919) by Pierre Benoit. Translated in English as Atlantida in Adventure Magazine (1920). - French officers, Lieutenant Saint-Avit and Capitaine Morhange are lost in the Sahara desert, when they discover the legendary kingdom of Atlantis, ruled by its ageless queen Antinéa.

When the World Shook (1919) by H. Rider Haggard - Atlanteans found in suspended animation on a South Seas island.

The Temple (1925) by H. P. Lovecraft - A German Naval submarine sinks to the bottom of the ocean during a World War I battle and ultimately settles on the lost city of Atlantis.

The Shadow Kingdom (1929) by Robert E. Howard - Describes the adventures of Kull, a warrior born in Atlantis, who becomes a conquering king.

Public Domain Films

  • Atlantis (1913 film)
  • L'Atlantide (1921 film)
  • The Undersea Kingdom (1936 serial)

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