Atom Blake
Atom Blake
The Boy Wizard

Real Name

Atom Blake

First Appearance

Wow Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Pierce Rice

Golden Age Origin

Atom Blake was a scientific genius, who thanks to his parent's experiments possessed all sorts of fantastic abilities. He was raised by his Aunt Nora and Uncle Joe, but soon realized he was not a normal child. He decides to ask his Uncle Joe and found out that that his "Uncle" Joe was best friends with Atom's father Stuart Blake.

Mr. Blake left a coded message for his son explaining how he and Atom's mother were scientists. They had created a metal bonded with all the known elements which could create energy. However, exposure to the energy killed an ape used for experiments. The Blakes realized that someone must be treated slowly over time to the rays of the metal and started to expose their son to the rays. The message ends and provides no details of the fates of Atom's parents or the source of their metal.

His parents also left him a magical ring makes wishes come true. Atom Blake decides to use his powers to fight crime with the assistance of his friends Janey Smart and Homer "Dusty" Davis.

His powers included super strength, invulnerability and superhuman stamina.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Wow Comics #1-5

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