Atom the Cat

Real Name

Tom Cat

First Appearance

Atom the Cat 9 (Oct. 1957)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Fago

Golden Age Origin

Originally started as a regular guy called Tom Cat. When the titular character absorbed atomic rays from a nuclear reactor, he was mutated and acquired super powers. The scientists responsible for the reactor gave him a cape and convinced Tom to work for his country and the world, becoming the superhero Atom the Cat. Atom the Cat maintains his powers by eating fresh fish.


  • His creator also created the similarly powered Atomic Mouse and Atomic Rabbit, although they had a different origin for them than his (although not from each other, or from Cosmo Cat).
  • Although first appearing in issue #9 of "Atom the Cat," the numbering was continued from the "Tom Cat" series, featuring a different character (albeit, with the same alter-ego).

Public Domain Appearances

  • Atom the Cat #9-17
  • Giant Comics #3

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