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Atomic Ranger

Real name

Allen Adams


Super strength, flight, energy projection

First Appearance

Copper Knights and Granite Men (2014)

Created by

Mike DiBaggio & Shell 'Presto' DiBaggio


Adams was a warrant officer in the Heartlands Air Force until he was maimed and crippled by an explosion while serving as a military adviser overseas. In the attempt to save his life, surgeons had to amputate his right leg. Unwilling to accept the thought of living his life bound to a wheel chair, he sought experimental limb regrowth treatments, but didn't have the money. He was approached by a front group for PATH (AKA: the Project for the Attainment of Technocratic Harmony), a notorious group of radical transhumanist terrorists, and offered a spot in an experimental program that could restore his leg. Adams jumped at the chance. When his extensive surgical treatments were complete, however, he came out with more than just a bionic leg: many of his organs were replaced with biologically modified implants, hardpoints for weapon attachments had been installed on his skeleton, and a nuclear isomer battery had been installed in his abdomen. Unfortunately, the experiment was a failure, and radiation from the nuclear battery was poisoning him. Very quickly Adams discovered that he was but one in a long line of similar experiments, and that PATH intended to kill him and recollect the parts. He surprised his captors and made a daring escape, making his way to the only man whom he believed could help him: the Promethean.

His faith in the Promethean was not misplaced, and eventually the techno-wizard contrived the 'Life Preserver', a specialized harness that helped absorb and regulate the output of his internal power source. The grateful Adams then accepted the Promethean's offer to join the Challenger Foundation, "the World's Greatest Adventurers", as the Atomic Ranger.


Atomic Ranger is a character in the Ascension Epoch universe. He first appeared in the 2014 novelette Copper Knights and Granite Men.


Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Stamina (does not need to eat, drink or sleep; power is provided by his internal battery)

Electrical Generation (via the battery)

Flight (via cavorite piles in the Life Preserver)

Radiation Detection

Armored epidermis (impregnated with Mi-Go xenotissue)

Energy projection (via weaponry attached to his skeletal hardpoints and powered by his internal battery



Atomic Ranger is a character in the open source Ascension Epoch universe, created by Michael DiBaggio and Shell 'Presto' DiBaggio. The Ascension Epoch is a shared universe for superhero and adventure fiction, built on the public domain. All elements are released under a Creative Commons licence, which states creator credit must be given and if you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.

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