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Real Name

Tom Tot

First Appearance

All Humor Comics #2 (Summer, 1946)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ernie Hart


Tom Tot, ragged newsboy, is actually Atomictot, “world’s mightiest mortal!” He keeps his uniform under his clothing. When in need, -for example, when he confronts a Mad Scientist who is experimenting on children and turning them into monkeys– Tot turns into Atomictot and fights evil.

Even tho he was a funny guy appearing in a comic book full of funny guys, Atomictot was a sure-fire superhero. He had a secret identity (Tom Tot, a tot), costume (he slung what looked like a leopard skin over a shoulder, like many circus strongmen), and super powers (generic, and they came from a wide variety of vitamins he ingested). He had adventures, usually lightweight and never serious. And he was known all over town as the enemy of evildoers everywhere.

Public Domain Appearances

  • All Humor Comics #2, 11, 13

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