Baron Savitch

Real Name

Baron Savitch

First Appearance

"The Ablest Man in the World" in the New York Sun (May 4, 1879)

Original Publisher

Created by

Edward Page Mitchell


Savitch was a Russian who grew up in a mental asylum and was mute and retarded, when he was found by the Swiss scientist, Dr. Rapperschwyll. The good doctor fixed Savitch, by building him a mechanical brain, that functioned so efficiently, Savitch could never make a mistake. With this brain, Rapperschwyll expected Savitch to become a great conqueror. Savitch soon graduated from the University of Dorpat and quickly rose through the ranks in the Tsar's court. Unfortunately, Savitch sometimes fell ill and needed maintenance on his brain. An American named Dr. Fisher became disgusted with the Baron after learning of his inhuman nature. Promising to help Savitch while Rapperschwyll was away, Fisher stole the cyborg's brain.

Baron Savitch wore a skull cap over the metallic dome which allowed access to his mechanical brain.

Public Domain Literary Appearances

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