Beau Brummell
Beau Brummel

Real Name

Beau Brummell

First Appearance

Triple Threat Comics #1 (1945)

Original Publisher

Holyoke Publications / Gerona

Created by


Golden Age Origin

Beau Brummell was a wealthy business man and detective. When he discovered that Cynthia Simbel, the new owner of the department store he owned stock in, was in danger of harm from disgruntled former employee, Mr. Gimmick. Gimmick attempts to destroy the store by using fake store Santas, sabotaging the Christmas parade, and having his men disguise themselves as mannequins. Beau Brummell is able to see through these ruses and save the store.

Brummell had no powers, but was a skilled detective and carried a handgun.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Triple Threat Comics #1
  • Atomic Bomb Comics #1

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