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Betsy Crane

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Betsy Crane

Real Name

Betsy Crane

First Appearance

Teen Secret Diary #11 (June 1, 1961)

Original Publisher


Created by



Originally a redhead in her first appearance, Nurse Betsy Crane changed her hair color to black immediately afterwards. Betsy Crane, a nurse who first appeared in the romance comic My Teen Diary #11, proved popular and the comic was renamed Nurse Betsy Crane with the next issue and continued for sixteen more issues, and several volumes of reprints.

Betsy's stories were more romance than heroics. Still, she did find time to solve a mystery here or save a life there.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Teen Secret Diary #11
  • Nurse Betsy Crane #12-27
  • I Love You #53
  • Registered Nurse #1
  • Sweethearts #78

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