Betty Stone

Real Name

Betty Stone

First Appearance

Space Adventures #7 (July 1953)

Original Publisher


Created by

Dick Giordano


Anticipating an immanent nuclear war that would leave the Earth incapable of supporting human life, Lars Kranston convinces a handful of colleagues to leave Earth to start again on Mars. His paramour, Betty Stone overhears the plans. She insists that she go along. Lars agrees.

When the ship reaches Mars, it crashes, killing everyone but Lars and Betty. Lars buries the crew, presuming Betty to be part of the charred, unrecognizable remains. Betty wakes up in a portion of the wreckage, suffering from total amnesia.

As loneliness and anger sets in, Lars decides to use the supplies and equipment that survived the wreck. With his know-how, he manages a complete sex change. The tumultuous situation on Earth dies down, and the predicted war never occurs.

Betty remembers she is on Mars and the journey. She runs into the transformed Lars, who explains his sex change to a woman, not realizing Betty's survival when he made the transformation. Betty breaks down at the revelation.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #7

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