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Real Name

Flash Dexter

First Appearance

BIRD-MAN Nº 1 (1964)

Original Publisher

Editorial Dayca

Created by

H. G. Oesterheld and Eugenio Zoppi


Flash Dexter was a lawyer with many contacts in high places, both in the legal world, and the criminal underworld. He has a knife with magic powers, and so he decided to become a masked hero, defender of justice, known as Bird-Man.


His magic knife alerts him of any immediate danger or any event that may require his presence. The knife can send repelling waves at his enemies, allows Bird-man to fly, can analyze living organisms and also has a vast amount of knowledge over several subjects. The knife can also produce an elecrto magnetic force field. Bird-man has a special autogyro like vehicle called the Bird-gyro.


The comics of this character were published briefly during 1964, and the company that released has disappeared long ago. Both authors are considered dead or legally dead in the case of H. G. Oesterheld, and it is very unlikely that anyone would pursue any copyright or trademark over using the character.

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