Bird of Paradise

Real Name


First Appearance:

Rulah Jungle Goddess #18

Original Publisher:

Fox Features Syndicate

Created By:

Matt Baker


The woman who called herself the Bird of Paradise was a would-be extortionist that had a bizarre plan to threaten the world. She had developed rocket packs that she mounted on the backs of pigeons. When she released the pigeons, the flaming jets from the rockets would ignite any combustible material.  She plannned to hold cities for ransom, threatening to release her weaponized birds unless she was paid.

She had set up her factory to buld the pigeon rockets in a remote jungle outpost. The first test of her weapons was upon the village of Rulah. Several tribesmen were injured, and a threatening note telling Rulah not to invlove herself in this affair was left. Rulah naturally did not heed the threats, and she clipped the wing of one of the pigeons to slow it down so she could follow it back to it's roost.

When Rulah arrived at the factory, she was soon captured by the Bird's men. Runstood, one the Bird's underlings, turned out to be a government agent and freed Rulah to try and help stop the mad woman. He was soon killed by some of the Bird's other goons, but  Rulah chased them off with the help of Saber, her pet leopard.

With her plot revealed and her minions scattered, the Bird of Paradise decided to end it all by blowing up her factory with herself and Rulah inside. Rulah escaped, but the Bird apparently died in the blast.

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