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Black Axemen

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Black Axeman
Hooded Axe-man

Real Name


First Appearance

Rangers Comics #3 (1942)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Joe Doolin and Capt. Raymond Colt

Golden Age Origin Edit

The Black Axeman was a Nazi executioner who worked for the Super-Brain. When the alien scientist captured the Rangers of Freedom, he ordered Black Axeman to behead Ranger Girl. The Nazi executioner was stopped by Phineus B. Tutts, who distracted Super-Brain's henchmen and allowed Rangers of Freedom to spring into action and rescue their teammate.

Before he handed Ranger Girl over to Black Axeman, Super-Brain had his henchmen put her in a dress, because Black Axeman was "sensitive about such things." That line was never elaborated upon.

Golden Age Appearance Edit

  • Rangers Comics #3

Notes Edit

He is called the Hooded Axe-man on the cover blurb.

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