The Black Baron

Real Name


First Appearance

Airboy Comics vol. 9 #9 (October, 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ernest Schroeder


The Black Baron was the captain of a ship, who promised to take people to the new world in the mid 18th century, but then betrayed them, put them in chains and sold them as slaves. He progressed to become one of the most notorious slavers and pirates of the Atlantic. Unfortunately, his ship, made of wood from the cursed swamp of Wassau, Poland, absorbed all the evil that the ship was responsible for. The energy of that evil sustained the Black Baron's life for more than 200 years. Eventually, the Heap, born from the Wassau swamp, became aware of the Black Baron and tracked him down. The ship was destroyed in their ensuing battle, and the Black Baron presumably drowned.

Golden Age Appearances

Airboy Comics vol. 9 #9