Black Cobra
Black Cobra

Real Name

Jim Hornsby

First Appearance

Dynamic Comics #1 (1944)

Original Publisher

Harry 'A' Chesler / Four Star

Created by


Golden Age Origin

District Attorney Jim Hornsby puts on a costume and teams up with his younger brother Bob (Cobra Kid) to fight crime. He has no superpowers but is a skilled fighter. He was later revived by Ajax Farrell with a different costume and secret identity (See Black Cobra (Ajax-Farrell))


  • In 2010, Vito Delsante & Ricardo Vinancio created several open source versions of the Black Cobra. Black Cobra (3) was based on the Chesler version.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Dynamic Comics #1
  • Captain Flight Comics #6 ,8, 11

See Also

International Hero


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