Black Commander
Black commander

Real Name

Barry Haynes

First Appearance

Air Fighter Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Kermit Jaediker & Harry Anderson

Golden Age Origin

Barry Haynes was a pilot sentenced to death for treason. This is actually a cover up though to allow him to locate the real Nazi spy ring, but the only person who knows this is the British Chief of M.I. who was captured. He manages to escape the firing squad though, but only for the Germans to shoot him down. They capture him and surgically alter his face to make him into a German spy. Haynes decides to steal an experimental plane from the Germans called the Black Commander. He uses the prototype plane to fight Nazis alone because he could not allow himself to be captured by the Allies until he proved he was innocent of his war crimes.

Golden Age Appearance

  • Air Fighter Comics #1

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