Black Dwarf
Black Dwarf

Real Name

Shorty Wilson

First Appearance

Spotlight Comics #1 (November 1944)

Original Publisher

Harry 'A' Chesler

Created by

Paul Gattuso

Golden Age Origin

Professional football player Shorty Wilson retired from the game and decided to use his skills to "turn the heat on the Underworld." As the Black Dwarf, Shorty had no powers but was athletic and a good fighter. He was assisted in his war on crime by his sniper girlfriend Patricia 'Arsenic' Gaynes, explosives expert Joseph 'Nitro' Lemerise, and Terry 'Fly' Holcomb, the human fly.


Some of his adventures were later retitled and reprinted by St. John under the name Blue Monk.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Spotlight Comics # 1-3
  • Red Seal # 14-18, 20-22
  • Crime Reporter #1-3 (As the Blue Monk)
  • Northwest Mounties #4 (As the Blue Monk)
  • Western Bandit Trails #1 (As the Blue Monk)
  • Approved Comics #12 (As the Blue Monk)
  • Danger # 12 (Reprints: Red Seal Comics #14)

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