The Black Eagle

Real Name

Vladimir Dubrovsky

First Appearance

Dubrovsky 1841

Created by

Alexander Pushkin


The Eagle is a 1925 film starring Rudolph Valentino.

Based on a novel by Alexander Pushkin entitled Dubrovsky, the story takes place in mid 18th century. Catherine The Great of Russia, aka Czarina Catherine II, first takes notice of Vladimir Dubrovsky, a Cossack Lieutenant (portrayed by Rudolph Valentino), when he rescues a beautiful young lady named Mascha (portrayed by Vilma Bánky) and her aunt.

Vladimir spurns the advances of the Czarina, earning her ire. The Czarina places a price on his head, making him an outlaw.

When the father of Vladimir Dubrovsky is murdered by an influental noble named Kyrilla Troekouroff, Dubrovksy becomes The Black Eagle to avenge the death. Leading a band of horse-riding highwaymen, The Black Eagle is thought to be a brigand by the law officials.

Similar to Robin Hood and Zorro, The Black Eagle is an engaging film hero. He has the skills of a human well-trained in hand-to-hand combat, sword fighting, master of stealth and expert equestrian.

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