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Black Fury
Black fury horse

Real Name

Black Fury

First Appearance

Black Fury #1 (May 1955

Original Publisher


Created by

Dick Giordano and Stan Campbell

Golden Age Origin

The Black Fury was a horse who lead a pack of wild stallions and roamed the West righting wrongs. He was not unfriendly to humans and occasionally adventured with a human companion, but would part ways with them after their journey was through.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Black Fury (1955) #1-57
  • Black Fury (1959) #1-14
  • Freddy (1959) #1-14
  • Masked Raider (1959) #1-10
  • Wild Bill Hickok #5
  • Rocky Lane's Black Jack #27
  • Li'l Genius (1959) #6-8
  • Six-Gun Heroes (1954) #68
  • Six-Gun Heroes (1959) #1-17
  • Timmy the Timid Ghost (1959) #1-17
  • Sheriff of Tombstone #9
  • Texas Rangers in Action #25
  • Atomic Mouse (1961) #11-12,14
  • Wyatt Earp #11
  • Gunmaster #89
  • The Gunfighters #62-63, 65 (re-prints)

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