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Black Kitten

Real Name

Kit (Peter *see notes section*) Weston

First Appearance

Black Cat #28 (1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bob Haney and Lee Elias

Golden Age Origin

Kit Weston is a former circus acrobat who was taken in by Linda Turner after the villain Fire Bug burned down his circus tent, killing his parents. It wasn't long before he realized that his guardian was secretly the Black Cat. When he helped her defeat the intruders who broke into her house, she allowed him to become her sidekick, the Black Kitten. 

After helping Linda Turner by killing The Crimson Raider, she rewarded him by giving Kit the last gold coin from the cursed pirate's treasure. As the Crimson Raider was cursed to roam the earth until an honest man receieved his treasure, it can be inferred that Kit Weston is pure of heart, and destined to use this coin for the betterment of mankind. 

After issue 29, Linda Turner and Kit Weston dissapeared from their title series. 


  • In issue 28, Kit weston's hair is shown as brown. However issue 29 his hair was colored black. Coloring inconsistencies were common at the time.
  • At several instances, Linda refers to him by his civilian identity Kit while they are still in costume.
  • In issue 28, during one panel, Linda Turner refers to Kit by the name of Peter without explanation. This is most likely a typo leftover from a previous script roughdraft.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Black Cat #28-29

Legal Note

Although all the 40s and 50s issues of Black Cat in all its variations and most of her and Black Kitten's appearances elsewhere are public domain, the last three reprint issues are still under copyright.

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