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Black Seven

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Black Seven
Black seven
Black Seven

Real Name

Omar (last name unrevealed)

First Appearance

Zip Comics #27 (1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Camy

Golden Age Origin

Omar was born under a prophecy of evil known as The Black Seven. Due to being the 7th son from a 7th son, and born on the 7th day, his life brought a curse to those who knew him.

His mother died during child birth, and his father and six brothers died from a plague Omar brought back from a near by village.

Because of his curse, the people from his village wanted to kill him, and so Omar fled and began a life of crime abroad master criminal until he's hired by the Nazis to retrieve a treaty and crosses paths with the hero Black Jack.

Later on a fortune teller warned him that his luck will run out. Black Seven's next robbery goes bad and in order to escape Black Jack he fled into a "Chamber of Horrors." However once there, he managed to get the upper hand over the Black Jack and tied him up to a guillotine. He then tried to make his escape but, suddenly lightning struck the blade. Black Seven trued to dodge it, only to stumble backwards into a pit, filled with spikes.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Zip Comics #27-28


  • Part of this text was taken from the DC Database with their permission.

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