Black Star

Real Name


First Appearance

Rogue for a Day (in Detective Story Magazine, March 5, 1916)

Original Publisher

Street & Smith

Created by

Johnston McCulley


Black Star, "The Hooded and Caped Titan of Crime" was a criminal mastermind and gang leader with a sense of honor. He does not murder people or threaten women and does not allow his men to do so either. He is courteous, always keeps his word and vigorously defends his reputation. However, beyond murder, there are few crimes that Blackstar considers off limits, and he takes great pride in being a "genuine criminal." He wears black robes and a black hood with a "star of blazing jet" on the face. He sometimes leaves behind black stars at his crimes. Under the hood, he is a handsome man, about 45 years old. His gang also wears black and they all use "vapor bombs" and "vapor guns" which disperse knockout gas.


  • Detective Story Magazine (March 1916-1930)


  • Only Black Star stories that were published before 1923 are public domain.

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