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The 17th Century Black Terror (AKA Le Terreur Noir)
from America's Best Comics #31

Real Name

Robert Benton

First Appearance

America's Best Comics #31 (1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

Unknown writer and Ruben Moreira

Golden Age Origin

While visiting his college history teacher, Professor Ducayne, Bob Benton, the Black Terror and Tim came across a rather startling discovery: a letter from 17th century France which said "...without the Black Terrors I should now be dead!" Gazing into Ducayne's magic crystal ball they discovered the truth. Bob Benton's ancestor, also named Robert, had fought crime as the Black Terror with his sidekick Timothy in 17th century London. They came to France to visit their friend, the Captain of the Musketeers Armand de Valeur, and aided him against a gang of thieves led by the Beggar King. King Louis rewarded him for his service by giving him a ring. The Black Terror and Tim doubted what they had seen, but the Terror remembered a family heirloom from hundreds of years ago, the very ring that King Louis had given to his ancestor.

The reason why the present-day Terror unknowingly took on the identity of his ancestor has not been revealed. It is also unknown whether this Black Terror had any powers, or whether there were other ancestors of Bob Benton who also became the Black Terror.

Golden Age Appearances

America's Best Comics #31

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