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Black Terror of Mexico

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Black Terror of Mexico
from Black Terror #20

Real Name

Porfiro Juarez Rivera

First Appearance

Black Terror #20 (1947)

Original Publisher


Created by

Unknown writer and Ralph Mayo

Golden Age Origin

In Mexico, Profiro Juarez Rivera and Miguel (presumably a relative of his) saw a movie about the Black Terror and were inspired to take up the mantle of the Terror Twins themselves to fight bandits. They wore store-bought Terror Twin uniforms with blue sombreros. The Mexican Terror Twins fought Jose Fernando's bandits and were spotted by American photographers, who sent pictures of them back to the USA. The real Black Terror and Tim were rather surprised to read that they were fighting bandits in Mexico and went down to find out what was going on. The four Terrors joined together to fight the bandits, and the Black Terror and Tim let the Mexican Terror Twins keep their uniforms.

Although rather stereotypically portrayed, the Black Terror of Mexico is a heroic and resourceful fighter. He has no powers but is skilled in horseback riding and lassoing.

Golden Age Appearances

Black Terror #20 (1947)

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