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The Black Whip

Real Name

(I) Randolph Meredith, (II) Barbara Meredith

First Appearance

Zorro's Black Whip (Film, 1944)

Original Publisher

Republic Pictures

Created by

Linda Stirling


Dan Hammond, a stagecoach owner oppossed to Idaho becoming a state, secretly dispatches raiding parties throughout the territory to create chaos. They are opposed by a hero known as the Black Whip.

The original Black Whip was Randolph Meredith, owner of a local newspaper. After he was killed, his sister Barbara took his place, demonstrating the same amazing fighting prowess as her brother.

As the Black Whip, Barbara proved to be a more capable rider, gunfighter and fist fighter than most men. She is also a master with the bullwhip, with she wields along with her six shooter.

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