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Black Wing (Maple Leaf)

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Black Wing

Real Name

Phil Dauntless

First Appearance

Union Jack, Lucky Comics vol. 1, #1 (June 1941)

Original Publisher

Maple Leaf Publishing

Created by



Falsely accused of desertion, Phil Dauntless took on the persona of "The Black Wing" to fight crime while seeking out evidence that would prove his innocence (ironically pretending to be a criminal as a means of gathering intel on the underworld).

Phil was eventually joined in his adventures by his girlfriend, whom he almost married before discovering his name had finally been cleared.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Union Jack, Lucky Comics
    • vol. 1 #1-3
  • Lucky Comics
    • vol. 1 #4-10
    • vol. 2 #1, 4-8


  • Phil's first appearance in comics wasn't as a superhero. Originally he was an ordinary fighter pilot starring in a strip called "Ether Escapades." Starting with #10 Phil took on the identity of the Black Wing.
  • Along with other Golden Age public domain Canadian characters, Black Wing was revived in 2010 for Moonstone Books Johnny Canuck  and the Guardians of the North by Ty Templeton.

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