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Prince Blaga Daru

Real Name

Blaga Daru

First Appearance

Planet Comics #5 (May, 1940)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Bob Powell


Prince Blaga Daru was an interplanetary pirate, who commanded an army of outlaw forces, which used "Super-Dreadnaught" ships to conquer Europe. From his headquarters in London, Daru planned to conquer the rest of the Earth, which he considered a "puny" planet. He desired his enemy, Gale Allen, for his wife, but Allen and her ally, Jack North, commanded forces which ultimately drove Daru from the Earth.

Golden Age Appearances

Planet Comics #5, 6, 9, 11


In Planet Comics #10, Gale fought a villain named Ferno who was physically identical to Daru, but leader of the military forces of Gormona, a city on Mars.

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