Blue Flame
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Real Name


First Appearance

Captain Flight #11 (February-March 1947)

Original Publisher

Four Star

Created by


Golden Age Origin

"In all the titanic turmoils that the Blue Flame had in his battles to give crime the hot foot, he never thought the day would come when he'd meet a man like S. Aitan...or is he a man?!?"

Blue Flame was a superhero who clashed with a jewel thief known as S. Aitan in his only adventure.  S. Aitan had robbed a jewelry store and assulted a police officer named Flannery when the Blue Flame happened upon the scene and decided to apprehend the criminal.  S. Aitan led him on a merry little chase where they traded quips, which started with a car chase, the next went into the sewers and finally to the river.  On S. Aitan's escape boat the two fought and though the Blue Flame recovered the jewels, his apponent seemed to drown in the river... or did he?

Powers and Abilities

Blue Flame possessed powers of flight and could burst into flames. 

Golden Age Appearances

  • Captain Flight #11


  • When he was not on fire, the Blue Flame's costume was only a pair of blue trunks and boots.

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