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The Blue Retaliator
Blue Retaliator with belt

Real Name

Gordon Luong

First Appearance


Created by

Den Warren


Gordon Luong is a small, thin man of Vietnamese descent, known as the Blue Retaliator. He wears a blue mask and sweatshirt, blue pants, and a utility belt. He has no superpowers, but can take a nearly superhuman beating and recover from it, and be ready for the next battle. Despite his history of beatings, Retaliator never loses his idealistic fervor in his quest to become a renown crime fighter. His usual weapons are his retractable batons that he keeps in his utility belt.

Retaliator was one of the founding members of the Pain Posse, and has teamed up with various superheroes in novels, audio book, and short stories against manaiacal and powerful metahumans. He will team up with anyone in his quest to become a famous superhero.


The Blue Retalitaor is offered here by his creator as a free to use character in your comic or prose fiction as long as the following sentence is mentioned in the publication: "Blue Retaliator was created by Den Warren and you can read more about him in the books, K-Tron and Metahuman Wars."

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