Bobby Shelby
Bobby Shelby Comics Vol 1 1

Real Name

Bobby Shelby

First Appearance

Blue Bolt vol. 7 #2 (July, 1946)

Original Publisher

The Shelby Cycle Company

Created by



Bobby Shelby was the mascot for the Shelby Cycle Company appearing in half-page comic strips within comic books throughout the late 1940s and early 50s. Originally, he would merely teach bike safety however, he did eventually star in his own self-titled, mail-in comic.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Blue Bolt vol. 7 #2
  • 4Most vol. 5 #3-4, vol. 6 #1
  • Sparkler Comics vol. 6 #11
  • True Comics #74
  • Crown Comics #18
  • Family Funnies #6
  • Green Hornet, Racket Buster #45
  • Humphrey Comics #5, 18-19
  • Invisible Scarlet O'Neil #2
  • Joe Palooka Comics #31
  • Rags Rabbit #13
  • Terry and the Pirates Comics #15, 22
  • Bobby Shelby Comics #1
  • Black Cat vol. 1 #10-11, 16

An example of a typical Bobby Shelby ad.

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