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Book Worm
Bookworm mlj

Real Name

A. Bookworm

First Appearance

Top-Notch Laugh Comics #43

Original Publisher


Created by

Clem Weisbecker and Pen Shumaker

Golden Age Origin

A. Bookworm was a rare-book thief who continued to steal first editions of Treasure Island, in hopes to find Long John Silver's pirate loot. When he did find the treasure, he and Long John Silver, not the pirate but the crook named after him, shot and killed each other.

He used Booby-Trap Books: bomb books, books with poisoned pages, heavy iron books...

He was an enemy of Black Hood.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Top-Notch Laugh Comics #43


  • Part of this text was taken from the DC Database with their permission.

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