Boston Blackie

Real Name

Horatio Black

First Appearance

"The Price of Principle" in The American Magazine (July, 1914)

Original Publisher

Frank Leslie

Created by

Jack Boyle


A former safe cracker, jewel thief and hardened criminal, who reformed his ways after serving time in Folsom Prison in California. He is well educated, highly intelligent, daring and extraordinarily clever. Above this, he is a man with a closely guarded moral code. It is said that he would happily go to prison rather than violate his principles. It is said that he was an "Enemy to those who make him an enemy. Friend to those who have no friend." He later became a private detective. He is assisted by his wife, Mary Dawson, who also served time and was the daughter of a professional crook named Dayton Tom. She was usually his get away driver.

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