Boy Explorers
Boy explorers
From left To right: Zero, Gashouse, Gadget, Smiley, and Commodore Sinbad

Real Names


First Appearance

Stuntman #1 (1946)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jack Kirby and Joe Simon

Golden Age Origin

The Boy Explorers were Gadget, Gashouse, Smiley, and Zero. They left their life at the orphanage behind to sail around the world in a Yankee Clipper skippered by their adoptive father Commodore Sinbad. Their adventures took them to the isle where woman rule and even the moon (though that was actually Gashouse's dream.)

Golden Age Appearances

  • Stuntman #1-2
  • Boy Explorers Comics #1-2
  • Joe Palooka Comics #5,62
  • Terry and the Pirates Comics #4,6
  • Thrills of Tomorrow #19

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