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Boystate - wide view

Boystate - general view

Boystate was a high-tech American settlement established by Skipper, an elderly scientist, using the money he made from his revolutionary inventions. It was a primary setting for Target Comics' "Calling 2R" feature. Billed as "Home of the Real American Boy," (sic) it was meant to be a productive, nourishing settlement for America's "unwanted boys".


Boystate - Central area around 2R

Boystate was filled to the brim with Skipper's latest inventions. With the aid of his teenage assistant, Captain John Johnson, Skipper supervised and directed the entire settlement from a high-tech tower (the titular "2R"). They maintained order with the help of the Rangers, a police force drawn from Boystate's population. The Rangers were armed with paralyzing guns and "force wall" generators. They used "cosmoplanes" - bubble-like aircraft that had all the functions of both an airplane and a helicopter - and the super-fast "cosmocycles".

In Target Comics #1 (Volume 2), Uncle Sam ordered all Target Comics characters to aid the United States. Skipper and the rest of Boystate's population were ordered to make weapons. They quickly complied, creating devices such as "crab tanks" and asbestos parachutes.

The feature ended two issues later, replaced by the Cadet. According to the letter column in Blue Bolt Comics #12, it was replaced because it wasn't popular with most readers.

Boystate Layout and Structure

Boystate encompassed a large area mostly made up of farm fields and uncultivated green space. It also included a river and dam with a hydroelectric station (which presumably supplied Boystate with electric power). Most of the buildings were located in the center, in an area known as Boysville.

Boystate was surrounded by a forcefield wall that was turned on 24/7. The force wall could resist any kinetic force applied to it and redirect it right back to the source. The only way to get onto Boystate was though a tall gate located at the only road that led inside. Only Boystate residents could open and close it.

Grand Hall

This was the main building and the base for the 2-R tower. It included Skipper's office, a large meeting hall and a small reception area. The Captain also lived somewhere in the building, but it was never explicitly shown where.


An observational tower that rose from the top of the Grand Hall, looming high above all other Boystate structures. This was the community's nerve center and a central communication hub. From there, Skipper and the Captain could monitor Boystate using a network of audio recorders and video cameras set up throughout Boystate itself and along it's outside perimeter. They could communicate with the Rangers using two-way radios or through an internal Boystate intercom system. 2-R could also be used to communicate with the outside world, at least by radio.

Boystate - Barracks

Boystate barracks building


All Boystate residents lived in the barracks building. The original comics were never clear whether each resident had his own room or if they lived in shared dormitories. The barracks included a recreational hall where residents could relax and/or study.

Boystate - Industry

Inside one Boystate factories


Everything in Boystate was built in-house, so it was only natural that Skipper made provisions for factories where new equipment could be built and old equipment could be maintained. Thanks to advanced assembly lines, those factories could produce hundreds of vehicles, weapons and equipment on a moments' notice. That said, this was written long before the concept of automated assembly lines was feasible, so the manufacturing still involved some manual labor. This was the responsibility of Boystate residents, who worked on voluntary basis. Most of the time, they could complete all the tasks on their own, but when they had to ramp up production or reconfigure the assembly lines to built something they never had to build before, Skipper was on hand to direct things and make sure everything ran smoothly.


The infirmary was filled with advanced medical equipment that utilized cosmic rays in some capacity. Severely injured patients were placed in the "cosmic sphere," which sped up the healing process and kept the patient's live signs stable.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Target Comics Volume 1, #1-12
  • Target Comics Volume 2, #1-3

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