The Brain
Brain Canada

Real Name

Gordon Bell

First Appearance

Active Comics #1 - February, 1942

Original Publisher

Commercial Signs of Canada/Bell Features

Created by

Leo Bachle


When a great hero of WWII lies dying, he is addressed by a friendly spirit. He informs the spirit that, "Like Freedom, I will never die! My spirit will live on in my son!" Sure enough, the offspring was given visionary powers that enabled him to destroy Nazis operating in Canada in 1939.

His enemies included The Mummy Man, Toro, Dr. Black, Doctor Coffin, The Scarlet Zombie, The Wolf, and The Finger.


Super strength. Also, by going into a deep trance, he gains a form of prescience, able to see things happening far away.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Active Comics # 1-27
  • Slam-Bang Comics #7


  • An obituary for Johnny Canuck dated April 14, 1978 (published by St. Catharines Standard and done as though the character had been a real-life hero), stated that after the war had ended and Canada no longer needed heroes, the Brain had made a success for himself in Calgary working as an executive for Imperial Oil.

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