Brain Men of Mars

Real Name


First Appearance

Fantastic Comics #6 (May, 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Fletcher Hanks


The Brain-Men of Mars were brilliant humanoids who required mechanized exo-skeletons to help their small bodies support the weight of their gigantic heads. When Dr. Martinious came to Mars, he used the scientific genius of the Brain Men to devise a weapon that would allow him to conquer the universe, starting with Earth. Their plan involved sending meteors to earth, infested with martian insects that would spread disease across the land. Stardust arrived on earth, giving scientists there the secret to wipe out the insects and the disease they carried.

The Brain-Men were highly intelligent and technologically advanced. They carried small hand held ray weapons that were powerful enough to destroy a building.

Golden Age Comics Appearances

  • Fantastic Comics #6

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