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Real Name

Jim Barr

First Appearance

Nickel Comics #1 (1940)

Original Publisher

Fawcett Publications

Created by

Bill Parker & Jon Smalle

Golden Age Origin Edit

Jim Barr, a chemist for the police, created a drug which gave him super strength and increased his intelligence, allowing him to create a gravity-regulating helmet. The helmet as its name implies allowed the wearer to defy gravity. He used his new powers and inventions to fight crime. He was partnered with his girlfriend, Bulletgirl. Later on, Jim devised a gravity collar that allows their dog, Slug, to become the flying, crime-fighting Bulletdog. He was a member of the Crime Crusaders Club who members included Captain Marvel Jr., Bulletgirl, and Minute-Man.

His enemies included The Revenge Syndicate, The Bee, Blackmask, The Black Spider, The Bouncer, The Clinging Vine, The Dude, Dr. Destiny, Dr. Hood, Dr. Riddle, The Dome, The Engraver, The Fat Fiend, The Hunchback, the Invisible Man (Fawcett), The Limping Mummy, The Man Mountain, The Man of the Ages, Mr. Ego, Mr. Murder, The Mocker, The Prince of Evil, The Rat Catcher, Rednose, The Red Pirate, The Swing King, The Unholy Three, The Undertaker, The Voice, and the Weeper, among others.

Powers and Abilities Edit

He had super strength, heightened intelligence, and telescopic vision, and his helmet allowed him to fly and deflect bullets.

Golden Age Appearances Edit

  • Comics.Org Chronological Appearances
  • Master Comics #7-60
  • Nickle Comics #1-8
  • Bulletman #1-16(no #13)
  • America’s Greatest Comics #1-8
  • X-Mas Comics #1-2
  • Gift Comics #1-4
  • Holiday Comics #1
  • Mighty Midget Comics: Bulletman #11-12
  • Bulletman Dime Action Book

Copyrighted Golden Age Comic Appearances Edit

  • Master Comics #61-106
  • Whiz Comics #106

Notes Edit

  • Only the golden age Bulletman (as depicted in the comics that fell into public domain) is public domain. Non-public domain Golden Age appearances are under copyright of DC Comics, which owns the version of the character based on those comics and all subsequent versions published under DC comics banner.

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