Burendo Sentai Ichiranger

Real Name


First Appearance

Public Domain Superheroes (2013)

Original Publisher

Public Domain Superheroes website

Created by

Marz Workman


Thousands of years ago, in a distant galaxy, a warrior named Reikomon was dispatched to retrieve the Burendo Binders; a mix of technology, cosmic power, and magic. The Burendo Binders were designed for chosen warriors to use to “blend” together to become a stronger warrior. The Binders were guarded by a powerful Cosmic Sorceror, Jiraya.

Reikomon arrived to find the cave of Jiraya under attack by another sorcerer, Orochimaru. Reikomon made his way through magical Imps, and entered the cave to see Jiraya near defeat. Jiraya saw Reikomon and magically sent the Binders to him. Jiraya then teleports Reikomon away in a flash of energy.

For thousands of years, Reikomon traveled through space as pure energy. During this time, the Power of the Binders taught Reikomon the purpose, history, and technology of the Binders.

Reikomon landed on Ancient Earth in Nippon (Japan). He built a base under Mount Fuji using the Power of the Binders. He created an android assistant, Ichibot-1. He placed himself in cryogenic stasis, and he slept for two-thousand years until the day the Power of the Binders was needed.

During this time, Ichibot-1 monitored the evolution of the planet, recording and uploading the information to the sleeping Reikomon.

In the present, Earth is attacked by the alien fleet of Orochimaru. Ichibot-1 awakens Reikomon. Reikomon then searches for five suitable weilders for the Binders. He finds his warriors and teleports them to his base. He explains himself and gives them each a Binder. He explains that the Binders each pull apart into halves. Each half can join with another opposite half to join the two Ichirangers into one, more powerful Ichiranger. Only the active half of the Binder is usable when in the merged form, hence, two merged Ichirangers can again merge to form a, yet, even more powerful Ichiranger; so forth and so on until only one Ichiranger remains as a very powerful being.

With the summary of how the Binders work, the new Ichirangers go forth into battle against the alien fleet.


  • Reikomon: Reikomon is the leader and mentor to the Ichirangers. He is alien, and his physical appearance should be left to the author's imagination. When I first created the Ichirangers, I thought of him as a "Yoda" type of character; in presence, skill, wisdom and size, NOT in actual appearance.
  • Ichibot-1: A robotic assistant/caretaker of Reikomon.
  • Ichirangers:
    • IchiRed - Team Leader
    • IchiBlue
    • IchiGreen
    • IchiYellow
    • IchiPink


The Ichirangers have Burendo vehicles/robots that form into a giant robot, Burendo Blasters and Burendo Cycles that can blend together to create a variety of weapons and vehicles. They blend when the Ichirangers do.


  • This entry only represents the base team. The "special" or 6th Ichiranger should be created by the author referencing this material. But, given the nature of the Ichiranger power, there should be no need for a 6th, but it is a sentai tradition after all...
  • BURENDO SENTAI ICHIRANGER is an "Open-Source Team of Characters" and has been deemed so, specifically, for use by anyone by the original creator. The only rule about using it is that your work must have this notation:
    • "The characters of BURENDO SENTAI ICHIRANGER are available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving BURENDO SENTAI ICHIRANGER, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed."