Bush Peters

Real Name

Bush Peters

First Appearance

Crack Western #82 (Jan. 1953)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Millard, Charles Sultan


When Bush Peters tries to kiss Two-Gun Lil Peters, she spurns him harshly and publicly. He manages to tear a piece off her dress. Later, with his two cohorts, he observes Sandy Jones and Rita Peters engaging in a lovers' embrace. Sandy says he is going to quit his criminal ways and go straight, planning to marry Rita and buy a ranch to start their lives together.

As Sandy leaves, Bush and his confederates confront him. Bush shoots him, saying the reward money for Sandy was worth more if he was dead. He places the piece of cloth from Two-Gun Lil's dress in Sandy's hands.

The next morning, Bush shows Rita Sandy's cold remains, saying Two-Gun Lil had killed Sandy. He pointed out the torn piece of dress as evidence.

Rita leaves to confront Two-Gun Lil, allowing Bush and his two co-conspirators to plan a bank robbery while the town is distracted with the anticipated fight between Rita and Lil.

Holding a revolver, Rita confronts Lil, explaining the situation with Sandy's rehabilitation and her anger at Two-Gun Lil killing him. Rita fires until the gun is empty, but she misses, giving Lil time to figure out that only Bush Peters would have the piece of torn dress.

A cowboy runs up to tell Two-Gun Lil about the ensuing bank robbery. Lil confronts Bush's two companions, who try to kill her. She bests them at gunplay and kills them both. Lil finds Bush hiding in a building, and calls him to come out. shoots at Lil. He shoots one of her guns from her hand, but Two-Gun Lil Peters uses the other gun and kills Bush as well.

Rita apologizes profusely. Lil tells her that, like Bush, Rita had learned a valuable lesson.


There is no apparent familial relationship between Bush and Lil Peters.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Crack Western Comics #82
  • Apache Trail #2