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Caipora is an entity of the Tupi-Guarani mythology in Brazil. It is represented as a dark-skinned, small Indian, naked with a very long black mane, smoking a cigar and very mischievous. Other depictions are as a stout hairy anthropomorphic being with the head of a fox. Sometimes it's said that he has his feet turned backwards, to deceive trackers, although this is mostly commonly said of the Curupira instead. Some say it rides a great peccary. The Caipora also is said to help the people that are kind to the forest and hurt those who hurt it.

It is known as a forest dweller, as a king of the animals of sorts and very vengeful of hunters who do not respect the rules of "fair-play" when hunting. It is told that it scares away prey and "hides" animal tracks or makes hunters lose their way in the jungle.

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